I just wanted to let you know of the amazing transformation Christ has done in his life in the past month or so. He is a new creation! A totally new kid – more like the 10-12 year old I remember. Our family is amazed and thrilled. He wants to read the Bible with me each morning, he is helpful around the house, he looks for things to do, he doesn’t sleep in, he’s meeting with our pastor, he is returning things he stole, he is sensitive to sin (told me today that he laughed with someone at the pizza place where he works at a unkind comment about women and that that was wrong). He’s lost 70 lbs. His eyes are clear. He chooses to spend time with family only.

I could go on and on…but you get the picture. Our pastor asked the congregation this morning how were we seeing Jesus….and all I could think of is that I see Jesus every morning when I see this transformed Colin.

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