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Troubled Teen Boys Homes

boys homesFuture Men is a boys home designed to help boys who are getting in trouble. If you want a highly acclaimed program designed to get your child back on the right path in life, consider Future Men.

We help boys who are acting out, rebellious, or struggling in school. We offer a Christian atmosphere and a level of care that you won’t find in many other programs. We are also a school that teaches boys to cooperate, succeed, and find happiness.

Our goal is to help your son change his behavior. Boys come to us with all manner of issues and difficulties, so whether your son is depressed, angry, ditching school, or even getting involved with substances, we know how to help them. You’ve likely done everything within your power to raise your son well, yet he has suddenly changed and seems impossible to reach. Sometimes, the only solution to teen troubles is to enroll them in a home where they can learn to change their ways.

Changing the way your son behaves typically requires therapy. Although there are many boys’ homes with therapy, most don’t include the spiritual approach. At Future Men, all therapy and mentoring is done from a Biblical perspective, which is necessary for genuine life-long change.

boys homesYou have witnessed the outcome of the self-destructive way he lives. Often, boys just can’t manage to change without professional help. Often, they want to change but don’t know how, or the influence of their peers is too strong. We can show your boy a new way.

Your son will go to five group counseling sessions every week in this boys’ home. The focus of these group sessions is to point out the behaviors causing problems and identify how to change such behaviors. The group setting enables your son to build healthy and honest relationships with fellow students and his mentors. These kinds of friendships will be entirely different from the unhealthy peer circle you may have seen growing up around him back in Kansas City, Missouri! As they foster these relationships and encourage each other to grow and change, their issues begin to slip away, allowing them to grow into healthy young men.

In addition to therapy, your son will be involved in accredited academics so he can continue his education and get caught up. As your son’s behaviors change, he will renew his interest in school and develop a renewed desire to succeed.

When your son began to fall behind in school in Kansas City, Missouri, it was probably hard to watch as a parent. He might have seemed apathetic, he wasn’t listening to you, and the increasingly severe punishments he received didn’t seem to help. This is because most traditional schools just don’t have the staff and training deal with troubled boys. At Future Men, however, that is the only kind of boys we work with. We are dedicated to working with only troubled young men!

Most importantly, Future Men keeps its class size to just 15 students. All teenage boys are highly individual, which might even be more true for troubled boys. Not only do teenagers learn differently, they have different interests and learn at varying paces from each other. This is why individual attention is necessary and available to your son at this program. He will receive an accredited and all-inclusive education, all while uniquely tailored to his needs so that he can succeed. You may think your son is destroying his chances for a good future, but at Future Men, he will be able to catch up to his school mates and get back on the road to success.

No matter what your son is struggling with or how far down he has gone, Future Men can help. Future Men is a boys home, providing a long-lasting change you won’t find at other programs. Give us a call today at (417) 546-0776.