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Christian Boarding School for Boys



boarding schools for troubled boys

Counseling Focus at Future Men

All of the counseling at Future Men comes from a Biblical perspective. Special attention is given to developing the characteristics of godly men and put off foolish behaviors that brought them here. Future Men’s faith-based counseling purposefully incorporates wisdom and guidance from God’s Word and shares this with each boy. Our primary focus is to train young men to put off childish behaviors and distracting obsessions and to subsequently embrace the responsibilities and freedoms that come with true manhood including respect for authority, a strong work ethic, obedience, and the fruits of the Spirit.

boarding schools for troubled boys

Sharing Life on Life

While many of our teen students come from Christian homes, some boys have experienced a crisis of faith, or simply choose not to believe. Students attend a weekly lecture-based Christian World View Class, where a teacher reviews current events, presents a biblical worldview, and helps them evaluate various points of view. Through this discipleship process, teen boys explore what they believe, and why. Then they can understand how a personal decision to embrace faith in Christ will transform them now–and in the future as men.

boarding schools for troubled boys

Biblical Counseling

We have five regularly scheduled group counseling sessions each week and ongoing discipleship between a staff/mentor and a teen boy. We believe that the truth of Gods word and the power of the Holy Spirit is what brings true change and is what can transforms a young man’s life.

Here at Future Men, we commonly deal with students struggling with anger, drug use, lying, stealing, immaturity, lack of self-control, pornography, and sexual deviancy. We also help address behaviors associated with psychological issues like ADHD, and OCD, as well as the other common struggles young men are facing in today’s world.