To those parents and family that feel hopeless and afraid, that they too have lost there child to the world of drugs and all it trappings. Our son was addicted to pot. Before sending him to Future Men, we had tried many different paths to get his attention. We placed him in a treatment center, where he was observed for a week. When he finally dropped the tuff guy act, they agreed to release him to an off-sight treatment facility. He was required to go there three times a week, for group session, and he was tested once each week. He finally manage to get clean for a month, and was released. It was suggested to us that he attend a Marijuana anonymous group where he could learn to stay clean, which he refused to do. During that summer and the following school year we would go as a family once a week to seek help from a family counselor. Nothing was getting through to him, by the end of his sophomore year 2007 he was heavy into his drug of choice and being kick out of school at least once a month.

With summer on the horizon and not wanting him to be totally lost, my wife began a desperate search in hopes of rescuing our son from himself. It was during this search that she discovered Future Men. After talking to the director, Aaron Boldman, she was convinced that this would be a great place for our son, and it had all the activities that our son would like. He wouldn’t be living at home, he wouldn’t have to put up with Mom and Dad, it was out in the country (which he likes), he would be able to learn a trade and support himself. It was perfect but how would we get him there? With allot of worry, prayer, and wonderful support from Aaron and his staff, on June 18th 2007, we put our son on a plane, and he flew by himself from San Diego to Springfield Missouri.

We are happy to say that in the 8 months that our son attended the Future Men, he was able to complete his high school education, learn a trade, be respectful and learn how to take care of himself. The seeds for a good life have been planted into his heart. I can say that I have my son back, although we still butt heads at times, I can see the softness in his face when he gives me a hug, he can look me in the eye and tell me he loves me, just like it was before he turned to drugs.



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