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Christian Boarding School for Boys


About Us

Future Men Campus

Our campus features a group home with an 18-student capacity dormitory, plus a kitchen, dining area, bathrooms, and group living space with a fireplace, and comfortable seating. Outside in surrounding buildings we have a weight room, indoor basketball court, and more, with access to the lakefront. The campus is on private wooded acreage with rugged trails and overnight camping spots.

Future Men Leadership

Aaron Boldman, Headmaster/Founder

Aaron has worked with troubled teens for over 30 years, first as a public school teacher in California, and then as an educator in several Christian boarding schools before starting his school in 2001. He earned his BA in natural studies and his secondary education certification in Missouri for special education and secondary sciences.

Lance High, Assistant Director

Lance has been the director at Future Men for 15 years. He earned a double major in psychology and religious studies from Southwest Baptist University. Before his time at Future Men, he worked as a mentor at other Christian boarding schools. Lance is an active member in his church and is married with 11 children of his own.

Matt Williamson, Discipleship Director

Matt has been with Future Men for 14 years two of which he spent as a mentor and 12 of which he has spent as a director. He has his BA in biblical counseling and completed all classroom work for his teaching credential from Master’s College. He has worked with young people for over 20 years and serves as a pastor in his church. Matt is married with 7 children of his own.

Luke Williamson, Staff Director

Luke is 38 years old with 11 years of experience working as a counselor for Future Men. He has a Bachelor of Arts in biblical counseling from Master’s College. He has served for many years in the youth ministry and is married with 3 children of his own.


We desire to be faithful stewards of our students in working with them in three main areas:

  • Accomplishing academic goals set by the staff and students’ parents.
  • Working on behavioral and spiritual issues that directly affect every area of their lives.
  • Providing vocational training to equip the students with realistic skills to be productive men in the workplace.