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boarding schools for troubled boys

Projects That Teach and Earn Credits

At Future Men we teach young men how to take pride in what they do. To encourage them, we involve them in various projects throughout the year to teach them the skills and patience to complete their goals.

Animal Care—Students receive elective credit for their work with animals. Our founding director, Aaron Bolman, is a Missouri state-licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Teen boys learn how to feed, clean up after, and play with a variety of local wildlife that need medical and personal care during recovery. When animals check out well, we release them back into their normal habitat and sometimes see them thriving along the lake and in the woods.

Tailored Projects–Other projects for elective credit may be developed according to the interests of individual students. Projects have varied from ecology management to construction, to the creation of musical instruments.

Life Skills–This elective class will prepare students to work in a variety of settings. Students learn food preparation, bakery procedures, and management skills, plus the important aspects of sanitation, safety, measurements, cold preparations, meal presentation, bread, cake, and cookie production. Students will also learn basic laundry care and maintenance of the home as they complete daily chores.

Daily Life at Future Men

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students work on their core classes and do service work projects on campus. On Monday evening we conduct a Bible study, and on Wednesday and Friday evenings, we provide quiet hours for studies, reading, and letter writing.

Tuesdays and Thursdays represent our apprenticeship days where students work with a local business for 8 hours. On Tuesday evening we show a documentary movie. On Thursday evening we have Game Night. These games can vary from basketball to pool tournaments to interactive games within the lodge.

On Saturday, we typically take a day out. The whole house may go to a park for football, or maybe go caving/hiking here in the Ozarks. Saturday night is Movie Night. On Sundays, the mentors and the students attend church, followed by homework in the afternoon.

Twice daily, the students complete general chores. We designed this work to instill appreciation and a sense of ownership in our campus. Having the students work through a series of chores (washing dishes, folding laundry, checking vehicle oil, weeding, animal husbandry, etc.) helps them understand what is required to maintain a home, vehicles, and property.

Community Service

– Students who do not yet have an apprenticeship assist in community service projects. These students work with our staff directors in preparation for their upcoming apprenticeships. The basic habits of working at a steady pace, not asking to take breaks, learning to “see” work that needs to be done, following instructions, and using/putting away the proper tools. All of these traits are part of a good work ethic which we believe is critical for young men in today’s society.

boarding schools for troubled boys

Fun On and Off-Campus

During free time the students can make use of our recreation building. Billiards, ping-pong, foosball, and weightlifting generate entertainment and camaraderie. Plus, students can play basketball on campus, or access Bull Shoals Lake from our property and fish, kayak, or swim.